Monday, July 2, 2012

~Sunflower Surprise~

Our first sunflower near our bicycle was spotted this morning.
There will be a lot more in bloom soon.
Sunflowers let us know summer is here.
Such a bright yellow.
The basket can have anything in it,
 but I like the aged pots.
Having the bicycle in the garden adds another focal point.
 Flower petals on the seat 
Such a pretty look about it.
A European bike trip maybe...
Looking forward to more sunflowers.
I'll check again tomorrow.


  1. Lovely photos... thanks for sharing. I have a bike in my garden as well. I love the look too. I like your aged pots.

  2. The bike is so pretty. Sunflowers are a sign of summer. We did not plant any this year.

  3. Oh, I love the sunflowers!
    I planted some. I had great plans for them. I was going to dry them and feed the seeds to my chickens. They love eating them right out of my hands! But nope. first they scratch the little seedlings out of the dirt. Then two popped up and were looking very promising; but the grasshoppers ATE THEM!
    Not having luck with the sunflowers. humph!
    I'll just enjoy your vicariously through blogging! LOL...
    I've always thought Old timey bikes in the yard were pretty. Right now I have a pink, toddler bike gracing my brings me joy to see my little grand-daughter tooling along the path!

    nice chatting with you, Pat

  4. What a wonderful and charming surprise! Love the bike in the garden!! Love the sunflower peeking over to say hello!
    : ) kris

  5. No sunflowers for me this year. :( The birds ate the seeds and the one sunflower I planted that was in bloom....well the rabbits at it....flower and all!!! Love your though. I also have an old bike in my garden and I love it!! The flowers in the basket did not do well so I love your idea of the pots!!! Hope you don't mind if I steal that great idea ;)

  6. Feeling the summer in your post today.....happy day...summer love

  7. Hi Jody....
    what a happy happenstance... we too just got our first sunflower blossom this morning.
    Such a happy sight!

    Love your sweet blue bike with the basket, moss, and aged pots.... simply charming.

    Smiles :)

  8. What a wonderful surprise. There is nothing like a beautiful sunflower smiling at you!

  9. I love sunflowers, but that's one flower I don't have here in my gardens (yet!). Love how you used the old bike in your garden decor - so charming!

  10. love this post ~ sunflowers are so cheerful! thank you for linking up and sharing over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party! hope you are enjoying your weekend! xoox, tracie


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