Monday, July 9, 2012

~Our Garden~

Today was a beautiful day in our garden.
Stan put together this seat in the garden.
We love it.
The heat in San Diego is making everything grow.
We love going out in the morning to water.
Just to see what has come up over night.
Our corn is starting to grow.
It's been years since we grew corn.
It's so beautiful to see the stalk grow.
The stalk looks like little ornaments on a tree.
This is the area where they are growing,
next to the sunflowers.
My husband, Stan, relaxing after a hard day at work with our lab, Maggie.

Our corn is growing so well this year. 
We're using our compost, it's doing the trick!


  1. It must take you quite a while to water! We are very hot and dry here right now in the Midwest corn belt. Very humid though. Love you wide array of flowers.

  2. I love your garden... Just beautiful!

  3. Oh my what a beautiful space! Love it. I'll be right over for tea :)

  4. Hi, hi, hi!! I am here catching up after being away on vacation. What a lovely garden. And so peaceful looking too. Loved seeing your visit to the pretty store. Oh how I want some of the things I see in there! Loved to also see your 4th of July cupcakes and toppers. What a lot of work! But so cute!!!!
    Happy day to you. Stay cool!!
    XO Kris

  5. The image of Stan and Maggie is brilliant. I would never want to leave your garden. I am so thankful that we finally got rain last night.

  6. Beautiful, Beautiful! I'm growing corn this year again too, and it is a delight!
    Maggie is labs, and yellow are my favorites.
    It is wonderful, indeed to see the daily changes in the garden, isn't it?

  7. What an incredible garden! I can see the love and effort put forth, in every leaf and pebble. That photo of Stan and Maggie is so sweet.

  8. Hi, This is a beautiful place. It looks so relaxing and I enjoyed a lot every time I look at the photos and reading what is written in every paragraph


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