Tuesday, April 10, 2012

~ Love You Mom ~

I can't believe it's been 4 years already.
You looked so much like a movie star. So beautiful and graceful.
Your clothes were always elegant on you.
 That smile and laugh that everyone loved,
we miss so much.
There was always music in our house and we loved hearing you sing.  
We'll miss the stories you loved to  tell us. 
Here's a toast to you, mom. 
We'll  Always love you. 
Miss you.


  1. Jody,

    Your mom was so beautiful! She looks like a movie star!
    I know you miss her so... Love you. Mary

  2. So sad for you...it is so hard to losing your mom....the mine died last summer.......o my...i miss her so....i wish you strength darling...love from me....xxx..

  3. Mom, I know she is looking down on you and she is so proud of everything you have done in the last four years. You have been in a magazine and hopefully more to come. You have created these blogs that so many people enjoy. You have started a little company to share your creativity with others. Grandma would be so proud! And I am proud of you too! Thank you for being my role model! Love you!

  4. Jody, I know exactly how you feel. My mom has been gone just 3 years now and my dad too. Its such an empty feeling but the memories we have of such beautiful women will forever remain in our hearts. See you soon:))

  5. Your Mom was stunning...movie star, indeed! What a sweet post to her...


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