Monday, June 4, 2012

~Everything in the Garden is Happy~

My new find with Queen Anne's Lace
 hanging on it.
It's in a perfect spot.
Flowers are blooming everywhere. 
This is on one side of the house.
The Jasmine and Hydrangeas are in full bloom.
 I love how delicate the flowers are.
The pink are so pretty.
I'm so glad they're growing well this year.
We're growing pumpkins in pots and I planted one next to our bench so it can grow on it.
Here's how it looks from a distance.
 Can't wait to see pumpkins on the bench.
A view of the Pumpkin Patch.
It's always amazing to see them
 grow in one day from the heat. 
Happy planting!


  1. Great !! wowwwww beautiful colors...happy week darling......i am off to I kea from

  2. OuR hydrangeas got a bit of a frost awhile back but they are just starting now. Just love them! Your jasmine is gorgeous!

  3. Jody, how do you have time to do all these great posts? I'm in awe of your garden and the lush blooms. The pitchfork is such a great idea. It is striking against the wall and then softened by the flowers and greenery. I will borrow that idea for sure. Just have to get myself a pitchfork. :) Thanks for keeping in touch with Quirky Vistas. I love having you around.

  4. The pitchfork is the bomb diggity Jody. Your flowers are stunning and I want to see that pumpkin.

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  6. love that queen anne's lace ~ i am going to have to try to find some of that! so pretty!
    xoxo, tracie

  7. What a beautiful setting! The pumpkin growing on the bench is brilliant, I can't wait to see it! :)

  8. Jasmine at night after a warm, hot day is intoxicating, isn't it?! I have some over my front arbor and love that it greets my guests. Your hydrangeas are beautiful!!I have a couple but they are hard fro me to grow, So weird my mom never seemed to even look at them and they grew so huge! LOL

  9. I have never seen Queen Anne's Lace bloom so beautifully! Wow! And what a great idea growing the pumpkins near the bench! You really have an amazing garden...hope to see the other side of the house soon! :)

    Visiting from Fishtail Cottage. I'm now a follower!


  10. I too love the pitchfork display! Your gardens are just gorgeous....fingers crossed that you have huge pumpkins sitting on your bench..

  11. Beautiful... and that pitchfork is wonderful the way you've used it in your garden. The garden is packed with inspiration that I'll want to try in my own. I'm excited to be following both of your blogs!

  12. I think I shall plant a pumpkin patch next year for my grandchildren. They would love it!

  13. Beautiful jasmine- I'm jealous! Love the white hydrangea too, I don't think I've ever seen that one before! The queen anne's lace hung on the new find looks so nice! My alliums are still forming their flower heads...yours look similar--tall and lanky! I don't have any great area for vegetables to grow- I love seeing the big plants that produce the pumpkins! Looks like your garden is off to a great summer of growth!

  14. Everything looks terrific in your garden. I love all of the blooms against the wall of your house. What a green thumb you must have!

  15. Thanks so much for linking up to this weeks garden party! love that queen anne's lace...need to find some and plant it in my landscape! oxox, tracie

  16. I just found you over on Common Ground. I love how you displayed the Queen Anne's Lace--so beautiful!

  17. Your garden is gorgeous and I love the old pitch fork!


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