Thursday, February 9, 2012

Growing Bulbs Indoors

I love planting bulbs and seeing them grow indoors.
There's something about seeing bulbs grow in glass.
Finding the containers in different shapes make a collection of growing vessels.

Some baby tears added make a soft appearance to the glass container.
Can't wait to see them bloom.
I thought it would be a 
good idea to identify the bulbs.
I painted some sticks with three coats of chalkboard paint.
I use chalkboard paint because you
 can always erase and use them again.
 Have fun 
and plant some bulbs for indoors.


  1. I love your bulb containers, so cute!

  2. Wow I so love that idea. I might try that one too. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Wow! We both have the same idea. However, I didn't planted mine in glasses. I will show you next post nxt week.

    Hope you could visit again.

    TY for sharing your smart ideas. Lovelies...

    Greetings from a freezing and icy Stockholm,

  4. How fun is this. I love the glass containers, they look amazing. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Beautiful! Did you refrigerate the bulbs for awhile before planting them?

  6. I do hyacinths and paperwhites -- but I've not tried tulips! Love the containers you put them in -- I do the hyacinths in forcing vases and the paperwhites in bulb bowls -- not very creative!

  7. These are wonderful! I love seeing the roots grow. Your dish collection looks so pretty, too and I like the addition of the baby's tears.
    I'm happy to be a new follower.


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