Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Chandelier Hummingbird Nest

We had a wonderful surprise 
happen to us this weekend.
 A visit from a hummingbird in our chandelier. 
It found the nest from 
last year and decided to stay.
I am lucky because I can see it from our upstairs bedroom.
The birds were busy feeding today.
I noticed the hummingbird 
was working on it's new home.
Making the nest just right.
Beautiful green feathers.
There was one egg the first day.
Then a surprise the next day, two eggs...
Can't wait to see the babies.
The mother dove is back making
 a nest in the staghorn fern again.


  1. O your post !!!...spring kisses from

  2. This is so adorable! Where is the nest? Is the chandelier out on your patio? This is too wonderful! Your photos are just gorgeous! Please link this post, too. It's so amazing and a true view of Spring!

  3. Don't you just love when little creatures come to share your space? Be sure to share some pics of the babies, if the mamas will let you. blessings, k

  4. These photos are so beautiful! I love hummingbirds! We see them in about another month...can't wait!

  5. OMG ...What a joyful blessing ...Your photos are so endearing and precious... Thank You so much for sharing.. Hugs

  6. Oh, sweet heaven! Nothing is lovelier than this beautiful scenery. Luckily, the hummingbird wasn’t startled when you took these photos. Perhaps, they feel very at home in the nest chandeliers. =)


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