Friday, December 16, 2011

New York

The view from the condo we stayed at of Central Park was so beautiful.
We could see people dressed up in Santa outfits before riding around the park on their bikes.
We watched skaters in the park having a lot of fun with their families.

Katie and I in Central Park

Chelsea Marketplace was in the Christmas spirit.

A work of art made out of fondant.

Lots of wonderful stores to see.

Across the street from Chelsea Market is a elevated walkway, planted with trees and benches. It has a beautiful view of all the buildings.

It was a fun day in New York


  1. Ugh New York! I'm so jealous! That central park shot is gorgeous! And I want to ice skate in New York! I'm visiting Katie soon!

  2. Great views of Central Park! I read an article about that elevated walkway in National Geographic, I'd love to visit it someday. What a great trip!


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